You’re Cut Off! Oh Yeah? Well, You’re Shit On!

Last Updated on: 12th May 2013, 01:21 pm

Scott D. Leonard should take a lesson from Erik Salmons. Quit while you’re ahead.

Leonard was having a grand old time at a bar, and then he got a little too tipsy and started throwing darts at other patrons. The bartender said there would be no booze for him, something he did not like to hear. He was escorted out the rear of the place, where he…exposed his rear and crapped on the parking lot. Police were called, but nobody wanted to press charges, they just wanted him gone. They threw him in a cab and said “go home.” Not long after that, he came back in the same cab, saying he wanted to drive his own car home. He tried to drive it, but was stopped and hauled off to jail.

Dude, you could have waited until morning and then come and gotten your car. And what’s a business-purposes-only license? I’ve never heard of that.

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