Expect Him To Use The "You Were Warned!" Defence

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2015, 09:25 am

I’m not saying I condone whatMichael Yarbrough is said to have done,but really, what did the boss expect would happen?

According to a police report, Michael Yarbrough of the 400 block of Moritz Avenue in Glen Ellyn, was on his first day back at work Nov. 4 after spending two months off the job with a broken leg when one of his bosses told him to “shut up” after she said he wasn’t doing a satisfactory job inventorying some merchandise.

The 2.5-year employee was then pulled into a meeting with store management over the matter, police reports said. According to reports, he told the female boss who initially reprimanded him, “You’re lucky we’re on the clock.” Reports said the boss responded, “What are you going to do? Hit a girl?” The man replied “yes” and was subsequently fired, police said.

The fired worker then punched his former boss in the head, turned around and punched a male store manager in the face before walking out, the Downers Grove police report states.

Yarbrough has been ordered to stay away from the store and to have no contact with the people he punched. He was given a court date and released on $1500 bond.

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