Boys On The Hood

Last Updated on: 14th July 2012, 06:31 pm

Update: Stefanski has plead guilty to child endangerment charges and is looking at up to 3 years in prison.

*original story below*

While this incident from a few weeks back might on some level be sorta fun, I recognize that this one involves a highly dangerous concentration of radioactive retardity.

Two Indiana parents are facing felony child neglect charges after they allegedly drove around with their respective children tied to the hood of a car with a yellow tow strap, police report.

The children–aged 4, 5, 6, and 7–were not harmed during the bizarre incident late yesterday afternoon in Fort Wayne.

The car’s driver, Aaron Stefanski, 29, is the biological father of three of the children. He was arrested on drunk driving and child neglect charges. Passenger Jessica Clark–the mother of the fourth child strapped to the vehicle–was busted for child neglect.

As was the case when last this happened, the kids were tied to the car not as some strange form of punishment, but rather because some drunken adults thought it’d be fun. Or as Stefanski explained it to the nice officer, “I thought they would like it.”

Newsflash: Kids like alot of things they shouldn’t. That’s why adults exist. Well that and because without them there would be no more kids, but you see where I’m heading.

Oh, and this is nice.

A search of the vehicle turned up the tow strap and a “pink backpack that appeared to belong to a juvenile.” The backpack contained “two 24oz Magnum cold beers.”

No word on whether the beer also belonged to the juvenile, but my money’s on yes. Come on, you know all of the screaming for help that would go with being tied to a hood for too long would really dry a kid out.

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