These Are Beans? I’ll Bean You!

Last Updated on: 16th June 2015, 03:52 pm

Meet Frederick Wilkes, a man who doesn’t want to be without his ricotta cheese. He, his wife, and a buddy of theirs were going to have lasagna. But when he opened the fridge and found there was only beans in a container that once held the beloved cheese, the blows began to rain down. He even locked her out of their apartment, and she ended up being found dead in their driveway.

It could have been that Wilkes and his wife and their buddy named Mario Donnarumma had been into quite a bit of rumma that day. It didn’t get any better when Donnarumma went to the store to get the cheese, but only came back with more booze. All we know is by the end of the night, Wilkes had exchanged blows with his wife Theresa Kenna Wilkes, thrown beans on her, and then heaved her and a bean-covered couch out into the street. By morning, she was found all scraped up and dead on their driveway and they don’t know why.

And all that was over cheese. Really? They had been married for 28 years and raised two kids and things ended this way over cheese?

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