Santa In Audio-Ho-Ho

Last Updated on: 9th March 2017, 07:31 pm

Here’s a little something I got from Jen. But first, I have to ramble for a second.

When I was a kid, I never did the letter to Santa thing the way most kids do it. Most kids write their letter, maybe they get a little help, they address it and send it off, and they get a letter back. But I had no idea that Santa also could read Braille, so I would always dictate my letter to my mom or my teacher, and they’d send it off, and if I got one back, which I can’t remember if I ever did get one, they’d have to read it to me. Hmmm. It sort of takes away from the coolness factor of writing to Santa, doesn’t it?

I learned later on that Santa reads Braille, and he also replies in Braille. If I’d only known!

But I have also learned today that Santa sends audio letters! If you want Santa to write you an audio letter, send him an email at and within 48 hours, you will get a personal audio message! How cool is that?

So, there’s some pretty neat news right there.

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