You’re A Foul One, Mister Skunk

Last Updated on: 28th June 2018, 01:09 pm

That has gotta suck.

Folks at McClain County’s Operation Christmas were all happy with themselves. Happy happy happy. They went to pick up the toys to be delivered to lots of girls and boys, when they discovered that something else had been living with the toys. A skunk! And it had sprayed all the toys. They don’t think they can give many of the toys away. They have been airing them out and spraying them with Febreeze, but Febreeze can’t handle the odour.

I wonder if they bought something like Skunkoff, a product specifically designed to get rid of skunk odour, if it would work and not damage the fabric? I mean, it’s intended for pet fur, but maybe it would work? Might be worth asking someone.

Now they’re desperately trying to replace the toys. I wish them luck.

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