I Fixed Blogger, And Some Other Random Things

Last Updated on: 18th June 2015, 11:57 am

Well, I think my hour plus worth of pain this morning might have been worth something. I seem to have unbroken Blogger, at least for now. So as long as I never need to work on a computer that isn’t mine, Carin’s or the one at my mom’s place, things should be just grand. I still want to shit in somebody’s Christmas stocking for putting me through this, though.

So far the trip is going well. There’s been some good and bad hockey thanks to Team Canada and the Leafs respectively, some pretty good food and we haven’t even gotten to the Christmas dinners yet, a few beers and some birthday presents.

The Shoe Thief will be happy to hear that I got another bottle of Cuban rum straight from Cuba, and this one’s a 40. And Carin will doubtless be delighted to know that while I was distracted with buying other things during my visit to the mall with mom and step dad, the “Danger! Men Drinking!” welcome sign that I almost bought for our front door was purchased for me. Not sure where I want to hang it,but if you haven’t got a better idea, my vote is still out there. Then again maybe not, since putting it outside might leave it open to theft bychode harmonica.

On the subject of chode harmonicas, it appears they may be in some trouble. Seems we’re not the only ones who have had problems with them. Carin ran into the building managers yesterday and they asked her if we had been having any trouble with noise or other things going on on our floor lately. She told them about Friday morning and now they want me to call them when I get back home since they need as many statements as possible. I can’t offer them much, only that there was lots of noise that morning and that recently we’ve noticed a lot more slamming doors. Yeah, not much, but if I can stick it to those douchecanisters in any way you can bet I’m doing it.

Let’s see, what else is going on? Amazingly, not a whole lot…yet. Things really start picking up on Friday unless there’s something I’m forgetting, so I’m trying to enjoy these days as much as possible before the chaos starts. this year is going to be extra fun because one little wrinkle in a schedule has moved a bunch of stuff around and now a few things aren’t happening when they should be. Oh well, we’ll get it all figured out I’m sure.

Carin made it safely to her bus this morning, so we’re both officially gone now. Hopefully the folks on Twitter don’t miss us too much. I’ve noticed that since we’ve both hit Twitter, people tend to track us down and talk to us there rather than through comments. I expected that to happen,but not to this extent this quickly. I guess it’s that whole instant response thing for most people, and there’s at least one person who I know doesn’t play well with Echo. Oh well, as long as people still want to talk to us I suppose it doesn’t really matter how they do it. the comments and the email and the Twitter will always be here, so feel free to use whatever floats your boat. I haven’t looked at Twitter since Monday morning and I’m not sure if I will before I’m back home since Qwitter is easy and I don’t feel like learning new things right now, but who knows, I may change my mind. If I do change it, is there a website interface less annoying than the regular Twitter site that I can use? I don’t have time for steep learning curves or configuring a bunch of stuff to my liking at the moment, so keep that in mind if you’re suggesting things.

Alright, I’m rambling now so I think I’m gonna post this and go watch the news. If you dont’ hear from me again before the big day, merry Christmas from both Carin and I.

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