Weeping For Willow

Last Updated on: 9th April 2018, 05:59 am

Well, I’m still up. I took a wee unintentional nap. Now I’m just loading books on my Stream so I’ll have things to listen to during my travels home.

But I wanted to make a quick note of something I found out today. I was sending notes out to friends wishing them a merry Christmas. I sent one to the guy I called student Tim in my Babs journals. I had heard that Willow, the one who graduated with him when he was in our class, was ill, and needed to be retired. Now I hear that he just put her to sleep.

I know their lives are much shorter than ours, but I’m never ready for a pooch to pass away. It especially scares me since Babs and I graduated with them. This really makes me want to check on Babs.

Sorry to leave on a sad note, since this is likely my last post before I hit the greyhound. I basically have to be headed for the station in about 6 hours. woo hoo. I’m gonna be such a zombi!

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