Matt’s Mission of Evil is Well On It’s Way!

Last Updated on: 8th December 2013, 11:44 am

Well you can’t say I don’t get shit done! Or down in this case!

When I returned to the VC fold on Thursday I said that I was back to see if I couldn’t kill all the good work that Steve and Carin had built up over the last couple of years. Please take a look at the trend developing on our hit counter…

06 Aug, Wed
07 Aug, Thu
08 Aug, Fri
09 Aug, Sat
10 Aug, Sun

Now this is clearly a steady decline in visitors. I think I am most proud of the first jump. I managed to slice readership IN HALF in one day… I don’t normally like to pat myself on the back (yes I do) but that’s some damn good work for just a couple of days.

I should be able to have it down to just myself, Carin and Steve visiting by Friday.

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