There’s No Tellin’ Who Kilin Would Have Been Killin’.

Last Updated on: 21st March 2022, 08:15 am

After reading the story of a man flying down a section of highway marked closed just so he could catch his flight, I guess I can believe the stupidity isn’t just contained to this area.

When sections of Highway 402 were closed due to snow, some numbnuts were moving road closed signs and barriers, so much so that news sites were tweeting warnings to people to stop that! That was the first I’d heard of people doing that, but I guess it won’t be the last.

Now I hear about Dimitri Kilin, a man who just had to get to his flight so badly that he was flying down the highway at 86 miles an hour, and never noticed that it was deserted and, um, closed, until a police officer made him aware of those facts.

But it sounds like Kilin learned exactly nothing from this whole experience, since he says that getting a speeding fine was a bargain compared to what he would have had to pay for new plane tickets. Hmmm. Now, what would you say if your car at met a plow head-on and you might have lost your life or that of your wife? Would it still have been a bargain?

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