Attacking A Search Queery

I saw the following search on our blog, and I felt it needed a post of its own.

04 Jan, Tue, 16:52:48
will service dogs attack

Hmmm. Why are you asking this question. Were you attacked by a service dog? Do you want your service dog to be protective? What is the reason for the question.

The thing is they *shouldn’t*. They are trained and bred to be gentle. We don’t need to be boarding a bus with a potentially vicious beast. They have to coexist with the general public, so they have to be good citizens.

But, a dog is still a dog, and shouldn’t doesn’t mean won’t ever. If it happens, though, a good handler has to ask themselves a whole pile of questions about whether that dog’s career should continue.

If you want your service dog to be aggressive, that’s the wrong attitude. It’s a service dog, not a guard dog, and the service it provides isn’t protecting you. If your service dog habitually is aggressive, it will make it harder for my service dog and I to frequent the same place. I thought I had linked to this article, but it appears I didn’t. Although a bit out of date since a service animal has been narrowed to dogs only, the aggressive behaviours mentioned in here are reasons why a service dog should never ever be trained to attack. Not only are you potentially endangering other innocent individuals, but you’re endangering all of our rights to be able to bring our service dogs in public.

And all that from a few words in a search queery, and the person who wrote it probably won’t be back.

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