Sign The Card For Bernard

Last Updated on: 12th March 2023, 09:04 pm

Well, this January is continuing to scrape the bottom of the barrel of sucktitude for way too many people. I just received the following message.

Dear All,

It has recently come to the attention of me that Bernard who tirelessly has worked on our communities behalf through his efforts with has fallen ill… the exacting nature of his illness is not known, however, as many of you have commented his efforts in helping us through all manner of adaptive tech requires recognition, not to mention our support at what is no doubt a difficult time right now.

We have a mailing address for Bernard and shall be posting a “get well” card to him in a week or so.

If you would like to have your name printed and placed on the card, please send a message to; with the subject line of Solona Card.

please only do this in the following format:

first, last names followed by a §-§ and then your country of residence.

We regret that we cannot print additional messages, as the card would turn into a book, so only your name and country shall be printed.

If you can spread the word as quickly as possible, as we would like to get the card off as soon as we can.

Damn it all. I worried that solving all these captchas day and night would have its negative effects. I hope whatever illness he has isn’t super serious and he will recover.

Please, please sign the card. Bernard needs to know we care about him.

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