Time To Leave The Party, Martin Harty.

On Monday, I heard about a 91-year-old republican, Martin Harty, who suggested that all the “defectives” among us should be sent off to Siberia where they could freeze to death and we would be rid of them. I was going to write a steaming post about how awful this was, but it looks like I have good news to share. After the outcry, he has resigned, and the republicans are glad to see him go.

I can’t believe the balls on this man, talking to a woman who runs a community mental health program and saying this. His balls continue to grow when after people were offended, he said he meant the part about eugenics, but was only joking about Siberia. Oh, so that makes it all so much better.

All I have to say is that people who are 91 had better tread carefully when talking about “defectives”. Old bodies tend to break down and not work as they should. He may develop physical disabilities, his brain may not function so well. It appears his brain is already not what it used to be, as his fellow representatives said he was confused and unfocused. So, Mr. Harty, ready to take that trip to Siberia? What, you don’t want to go?

As a matter of fact, anyone, at any time, can develop a disability. So, unless you’re ready to be called useless and defective yourself, you’d better watch it with that kind of talk.

Eugenics. Blech. I didn’t think that word showed up anymore as something people actually believed in currently.

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