>The People Want Your Hands Off Their Meat Pistoles

>I sure am glad that suchbrilliant mindsare calling the shots at the TSA. I mean without John Pistole telling us thatNational Opt Out Day,a protest designed to bog down the screening process and make things as miserable as possible for the TSA might cause delays at the airport, how would the public ever realize that it was about to engage in something so foolish and inconvenient?

Um, John, that’s kind of the point. What’s happening here is that the American people are doing something they rarely do anymore. They’re standing up for themselves and against your agenda. They’ve finally come to the realization that all the shit you’re coming up with isn’t keeping anybody safe and that it’s only designed to trick them into feeling like it is. And maybe, just maybe, they’ve figured out that your agency is a largely useless waste of time and money that’s gotten completely out of control and that they could probably do without it again, much like they did without it for years before.

But hey, thanks for that delaying the flights tip, I’m sure the people will keep it in mind as they go about trying to take a small slice of their dignity back.

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