I Order You To Hang Up! If You Don’t, We’ll Be Delivered To Jail

Last Updated on: 6th March 2014, 12:20 pm

The order a pizza, then rob the delivery person when it gets to where you are trick has been done many times by many people, sometimes even successfully. But if you’re considering trying it yourself, you’ll want to think about leaving out the wrinkle that 19-year-old Kevon Whitfield and his group of friendsput in.

Police say that someone called Topper’s Pizza in Clifton early Monday morning and placed a large order. The customer apparently forgot to hang up the phone, and the employee who took the order stayed on the line heard a plan to rob the delivery driver for the order. The worker called 911, and an undercover police officer replaced the normal delivery driver. When the undercover officer delivered the pizzas, the suspects took the pizza and ran.

They didn’t get far, and Whitfield and a 14-year-old friend have been charged with robbery. Police arrested more people, but they aren’t saying how many or if they’ll be in any trouble.

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