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Last Updated on: 9th November 2021, 11:16 am

I will say right here that I suck. Before that last little post, I hadn’t posted since March 16. Um, fail. I’ve been busy, but when has that ever stopped me before? It’s not like my computer was broken. I’ve just been made of suck and fail.

But here are links to audio debuts of a whole bunch of new prototype technologies that, unlike me, are totally made of win. Some day, when I’m oozing with cash, I will go to one of these conventions like CSUN. I wanna play with stuff.

Before I get into drooling about these new pieces of tech, this brings up a question for me. If CSUN is a giant exhibit hall full of blinky technology, how in hell do the blinks navigate all the damn booths? Whenever I’ve been to an exhibit hall, it’s a freaking zoo, and it’s hard to navigate without eyeballs. What do they do with CSUN to make it digestible? Do all the booths have braille on a certain place so you can see what it is before going “Hello, are you x booth? No? Ok, see ya.” If someone could answer that for me, that would be super cool.

Now, on to the drooling over prototypes of what could be awesome tech.

Remember the post where I talked about The MPrint? Well, I think someone may have just come up with something that might have been what the folks at MPrint envisioned. Here it is, the electronic brailler! Just think about how powerful this could be for a kid in class. They’re brailling away. It’s popping up on a computer. The teacher wants you to have something, they zap it onto the computer, it embosses for you, instantly! Yes, yes, yes! I know things are a lot easier now than what I had in school, but still. Yes! Yes! Yes!

What else should I throw on the how cool is that pile? Hmmm. Well, I’m still talking about braille, so have a boo at the 6Dot Braille Labeler. Folks who have dymo labelers, how many times have you gone “Where’s the ar sign…where is it? Damn it all, it’s not on the wheel!”? Well, with this sucker, those days are over, You can make labels by slammin’ ’em out on a six-dot keyboard! So, you have all the signs you could ever need! How awesome is that? It’s a little expensive, but it still sounds damn cool.

Now hmmm. Should I move into mobility devices? Sure, I have two of ’em to talk about, so let’s go. First up is an update on the news of what APH is doing with the Wayfinder code. I’m confused by this audio interview, so maybe someone can help me out. They’re planning on building it into something called AviNav. But is it an android app? Is it an app specifically for their Aph notetaker? What in hell is happening with it? But one thing I was totally into is the ability for users to place tags on areas saying “Hey next numbnut using Wayfinder, if you come here, there’s a tree across the sidewalk.” Or “Hey bud, construction is heavy in this area, please reroute.” How awesome would that be? Users helping other users out. Rockin’ the world, that’s what that is.

When I heard about the next device, my response was immediate and strong. Ack! No! No no no no no! But you know what, people like it, so what the hell, it might be cool. Ambutech, the people who have made us canes for years upon years, have come up with the iGlasses. And this is why I flipped my lid. They’re vibrating glasses. Do you remember the last pair of glasses I talked about that were designed for navigation? The Sonic Guide. Oh, the horror! But apparently these things are way cooler. I asked a dude who wore them, and he said they were not the Sonic Guide’s distant cousin.

So what are they? They are designed to let you know about overhead obstacles, awnings, etc. Those of us with a guide dog probably wouldn’t need these, but a cane user might benefit. You can change the intensity of the vibrations, so you aren’t stuck with what they set as baseline. The arms are adjustible, and they’re battery powered and allow for 10 hours of continuous vibration. And better yet? By the sounds of it, they look like glasses! Plain ol’ glasses! Those with eyeballs, tell me if they do. here’s a picture of a dude wearing the dark glasses. and here’s the same dude wearing a clear pair. Do they look normal-ish?

I think those were the main things I saw in the pack of things Blind Bargains put up under CSUN audio that made me drool or be pretty amazed. Technology. It rocks.

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