I’ve Had Some Comfy Chairs, But None I’d Want To Stay In For Two Years

Last Updated on: 19th March 2019, 08:56 am

Thanks Ann for this one.

Eek. We have another person who sat in a chair so long he got stuck to it. Just like this woman who was stuck to her john, this morbidly obese guy sat in a chair for two years! He didn’t get up to use the john! There he was, sitting in his chair, his skin fused to it, covered in his own waste, and there were magots! Eeewwweeewwweeewww! Now he’s no longer with us.

You have got to be some kind of depressed to not move from a spot for two years. Two years? Not even to eat or use the bathroom? Yikes!

Wow. that’s a lot of ug.

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