Don’t Get Rabies, It Bites.

Last Updated on: 21st April 2015, 01:27 pm

09 Apr, Sat, 19:00:31
where do you go for anti rabies shots

Oh dear, did someone just get chomped by a dog?

Well, if you’re in Ontario, and probably all of Canada, pop into an ER or a walk-in clinic and tell them you’ve been bitten by a dog. Even if it’s your own, and the dog has been vaccinated, they will ask you to fill out a dog bite report form. Trust me, I know. When Babs chomped down on my hand and I left a bloody puddle on that street corner, and I went to the clinic when my hand was still swolen, they had a dog bite report form for me, and fast!

If you don’t know if the dog was vaccinated, someone from Public Health will call you and tell you how to start the process of getting anti-rabies shots. I believe this is done through your doctor, but I’ve never needed them. They also tell you what kind of a time window you have, and they will be quite insistant that you get on this, because once it’s too late to get the shots, and you do get the disease, there is no hope for you.

So…hope this helps you, Mr. googling person with the nice doggy tooth marks.

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