Democracy 1, Conservatives 0

Last Updated on: 8th June 2018, 12:36 pm

Yea! Yea! Yea!

This morning, I was ripping mad at the conservatives, and worried that all those university students who stood in line for hours to vote wouldn’t have their voices heard. I don’t have to worry anymore. Elections Canada has ruled that although some small procedural mistakes were made, the votes will count.

What’s that I see? The conservatives Backpedaling hardcore? Yup, that’s it. Now that Elections Canada says the votes will count, they say the following.

The Conservatives issued a statement on Friday afternoon, saying the party welcomed Election Canada’s decision.

“While the Elections Canada statement confirms that what happened in Guelph lacked proper authorization, we applaud the decision not to disenfranchise University of Guelph students because of errors by the local returning officer,” the statement said.

Oh, reeeeally? Is that so? Allow me to quote from the letter your lawyer sent to Elections Canada, or at least an image of what was supposed to be a letter sent by your lawyer to Elections Canada.

However, on the strength of the unequivocal, express representation you provided yesterday, in accordance with the authority provided to you by the CEO, we require immediate confirmation from the CEO and the Returning Officer from the electoral district of Guelph that this ballot box and all of its contents will remain sealed and that none of the ballots contained therein will under any circumstances be combined with, added to or otherwise dealt with when the final tabulation of votes cast for the various candidates in the electoral district of Guelph takes place. We require this confirmation from the Returning Office and the CEO in writing without delay.

Hrmph. So, unless your lawyer from Cassels Brock sent that letter of his own accord without any intervention or direction from you, you *did* want to disenfranchise a few thousand people. Just go away, and yesterday.

What is this, Marty Burke and company sucks day? I think that’s what it is. But it’s also the right people won day because those ballots will count!

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