More Election-Related Things

Let’s just keep the election bandwagon rolling. I have a feeling after this post, I’m going to write about a dumbass, but hey, for now, the election train continues.

Brooke over at Ruled By Paws told me about a site with a funny name but a serious message.

If you want to quickly see things Harper has done that might be good reasons to not vote conservative, check out Shit Harper That’s what it’s called. Hit the refresh button and get another random piece of shitty Harper history.

Here’s a video all about lots of women breaking up with Stephen Harper. It’s Over Steve! Funny, funny stuff.

And, to throw a local bit in here, we discovered that the Guelph Returning Office is just around the corner from us. It’s in that plaza with the roof that Trix didn’t want to leave in a rain storm. It’s where the drug store used to live before they moved it into the place with the automatic doors. So screw finding a polling station. Steve and I will just take a teency weency walk down there, vote, and be done with it.

Now that this is out of my system, prepare for stories of stupidity, weird vibrating shoes, dogs, and who knows what else.

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