Bob Cole Calling The Henderson Goal

Last Updated on: 1st May 2024, 03:40 pm

I don’t think you can live in Canada for any length of time without seeing Paul Henderson’s winning goal from 1972 at least once. It’s shown all the time, and Foster Hewitt’s “Henderson has scored for Canada!” is one of those things everybody seems to know even if they don’t know they know it.

But until now, I had no idea this existed.

It’s hard to listen to that without hearing the familiar one in my head at the same time, but it’s a pretty great call in its own right.

By the way, Bob Cole is still the best hockey commentator there is. Some people like slagging on him for being old and slow to call plays, but to me he hasn’t changed. He might not be flashy, but he doesn’t need to be. He’s a total pro who can get the excitement of a game across like nobody else.

If I could make one hockey wish, it would be for Bob Cole and Harry Neale to get together for one last run of Leaf games on Hockey Night In Canada. that would be too awesome for words. Please CBC, throw as much of our money as it takes at whoever it takes to make this happen.

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