Everything’s Gone, Gotta Carry On

You know how I said on Thursday that my computer was in the hospital? Well, according to the guy at the store, my hard drive is dead. Nothing is retrievable. Nothing can detect it. It makes grinding noises. He says it’s a paperweight.

Crycrycrycrycry, gasp, crycrycrycrycry.

As the full weight of this set in, I realized just how much I have lost. Every license key for everything I’ve ever bought, everything I wrote down about Trixie, every email address, every email, everything to do with this event we’re planning, every, freaking, thing.


And to make this worse, I *know* what I *should* have done. I know I should have had backups. I know this. I friggin know! So, this makes me feel like this is all my fault. I have noone to blame for this but little ol’ me.


Because I’m desperate, I’ve asked Mr. Do a good turn to have a look at the paperweight and see if he can make it sing. I have my doubts, but one can dream.

So everyone who hasn’t done it, pleasepleaseplease back your shit up. I would love to prevent others from becoming sobbing heaps. Just look at me, and hopefully that will remind you to make a backup.

Now I’ll go cry some more.

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