Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Come On Rapist, Make That Throw!

I don’t recall either of us writing about this case before, perhaps because in a moment of foolishness on our parts, we figured that the girl winning would be a slam dunk. But of course, as happens so often when something makes perfect sense and there’s no other answer but the one you’d think there’d be, some idiot picks the other one. And when I say some idiot, I’m actually speaking of a collection of them that’s housed in something called the United States Supreme Court.

This body, by way of declining to hear the case of a high school cheerleader who was punished for refusing to cheer for a basketball player who had raped her, has sent the message that no, free speech doesn’t apply to anybody who has essentially agreed to act as a mouthpiece for anyone other than themselves. And to add retardity to stupidity, the girl has been ordered to pay $45000 in legal costs to the school because it had to defend itself against a frivolous lawsuit.

I’ve never been raped, but I’ve heard enough stories from those who have to know that it wouldn’t exactly make me want to stand up and show some spirit! It also doesn’t seem like one of those things that I’d be in a big hurry to tag with the word frivolous.

I wish I could make sense of how things like this happen, but all I can come back to over and over again is that somebody is either bad at their job or not doing it at all. In a free and just society, things like this are supposed to be what happens in far away, less free places. It’ll be nice when the Supreme Court returns to this century, where all victims, including the female ones, are supposed to have rights.

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