A Sex Offender? At Six?

Last Updated on: 5th October 2018, 09:17 am

I’ve talked about the Aaron Hart case before. But I somehow think this case is worse.

A six-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl were found outside in a not so good position. The girl had her pants down and it looked to the mom of the girl like the boy had his fingers inside her. But according to both kids, they were playing “butt doctor.” This would make sense since the boy had had to go through enemas and things recently.

But instead of just talking to the kids about things they shouldn’t do, the case has gone to the courts, and prosecution wants to label the kid a sexual predator.

Hellooo, he’s six. How many kids played doctor when they were that age? How many kids did things they probably shouldn’t have? To label him with such a serious handle at that age is crazy.

They claim it’s so the boy can get the services he needs. But according to his parents, he already is receiving services, and he is cognitively behind your average six-year-old.

I know some of those other things they mentioned sound kind of weirder than playing doctor, like grabbing the babysitter’s breasts and taking off his clothes and rubbing himself on her, but I would think it would be a smarter course of action to start wondering if *he* has been abused, rather than calling him a sex offender. He’s six! Good god.

This is brutal. Brutal and depressing. After all the research people have done into child behaviour, you’d think people in the justice system would be able to think more reasonably.

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