Pictures Of Littluns, Gave The Cops An Eye Full

Last Updated on: 19th February 2015, 10:38 am

Here’s the story of John M. Kohler. Someone called the cops, complaining that he was outside wacking off to kids walking by. They came and found him lying on his back on his porch. When they asked him for ID, he told them they could come in while he looked for it. I guess he forgot about the scads of child porn taped to his walls and headboard of his bed.

Eeeewww. This guy mustn’t have friends or family come to visit him at all. Child porn taped up on the wall where one would usually hang family photos?

Well at least he was honest. He told the cops about the rest of his stash. If he’s found guilty of all those charges, he’ll have to tape pictures to the walls of his jail cell.

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