Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemas Closer

Last Updated on: 13th May 2018, 08:24 pm

Hmmm. This is just weird.

This is the story. Wish I had more details. One sunday afternoon, an unnamed man who is apparently pretty close to blind got a knock on his door. “I’m here to give you an enema,” a woman said. He had just had some intestinal surgery, so thought maybe this was ordered by his doctor. So, he let her in, she gave him an enema, then left.

Then a couple of days later, he started to wonder if this was normal. So he called police. They checked with his doctor and found that no enema was prescribed or ordered.

Um, oh boy. Now he’s wondering exactly what she gave him, although he has suffered no ill effects, and the police have no physical description of this woman, nor do they have any identification cards or anything.

That’s just weird. I wish they’d solved the case, because I’d love to know what motivated this woman to give a random enema to a random man. And has she done this before? Where most people do a good deed for someone, does she go out seeking random enema patients?

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