This Would Be The Best Drive Ever

Last Updated on: 23rd December 2019, 05:07 pm

Last time I posted something about cars, it involved, as is so often the case around here, things not going well. This one, though, is exactly the opposite.

I’m not generally the type to see one of those hey everybody, look at the blind guy live his life! It’s amazing! type stories and actually think it’s amazing, but this one, well, it kind of is on a few different levels.

Aaron Prevost being a blind auto mechanic is pretty cool in and of itself, but it doesn’t surprise me personally. I know him, he’s a friend of the family. He’s been taking stuff apart and putting it back together forever, and if it’s what you’re meant to be good at, blind or not, you’re gonna be good at it. The amazing part is that there’s a shop owner who’s willing to let him be good at it on behalf of his business. People with that much faith in blind folks are sadly hard to find in this world, so I’m happy he found one.

But speaking of faith, here’s the part that’s truly amazing to me. Aaron, the lucky bastard, got to do laps around Mosport International Raceway in a brand new Porsche! That’s a hell of a lot of faith for the guy who owns that thing to have in him, not to mention a hell of a lot of faith you need to have in yourself. I’ve driven things around before and even though it’s always been fun, I’m not a fraid to admit that at times I thought I was going to kill myself or somebody else…and that’s at nowhere close to racing speed! As cool as it sounds sitting here, I’m sure I’d be shitting bricks if I ever got the chance to try that.

Way to go man, way to go. I’m happy for ya, even though you did make fun of me at the goalball thing in Guelph last week, ya prick.

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