An Inside Look At A Call Centre In India

Last Updated on: 5th May 2015, 11:40 am

Reading this description of life as a call centre agent in India was really interesting. Interesting, and sad. But it also made me chuckle because of a comedy bit that Steve was recently talking about.

I guess someone, whose name escapes him, was talking about how these Indian-sounding fellers always had very American names like Kevin, and they would never tell you where they are. It went something like this.

Caller: Where are you?
Agent: I am at my desk.

Caller: And where is that?
Agent: In my office.

Caller: Ok, so if I were to come visit you, where would I take a plane to?
Agent: Why would you do that?

And on it went. And all of that is talked about in here. Very interesting stuff.

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