She Was Milking That Breastfeeding Mother Thing For All It Was Worth

Last Updated on: 3rd September 2020, 09:26 am

Here’s another sign that I’m either losing my touch, or I’ve seen one too many weird news stories.

It was all over the net. Har har, it was also all over her car, but ya know. Anyway, the story of Stephanie Robinette was everywhere.

I guess she and her husband were at a wedding, and then she got a little tipsy. And then a little angry. And then a little slap happy…at which point hubby called the cops. When they showed up, she had locked herself inside the car, and would not come out. When they decided to physically take her from the car, she unleashed one of her boobs and sprayed the cops and her car with breast milk. I guess she took lessons from Toni Tramel

And I thought I read somewhere that she’s a school teacher! Hmmm.

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