Continuing To Climb The Ladder To Suckcess

Last Updated on: 4th April 2020, 07:50 am

The poor UK. It just can’t seem to get over its fear of ladders.

Things have gotten so bad that the South Kesteven District Council has decided no longer to fly the Union Jack at the town hall in Bourne, England because that 8-foot ladder they would have to use to put it up sure is scary and unsafe.

What more can be said? Well, maybe this.

Brian Fines, 72, a member of the council and former mayor as well as a former lieutenant colonel in the military, said the decision is an insult to veterans and armed services members.

“What a sad and sick society we’re becoming,” he said. “This despotic government’s health and safety laws have prevented the council flying a flag from the building that’s the hub of our town. We’re told they’re not allowed to use a ladder to access the mast, which is ridiculous. It’s annoying and upsetting a lot of people.”

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