>The paper laptop and wooden iPad scams have moved across the pond, where we find that a man in the UK has parted with £200 for an iPad that turned out to be a laptop bag full of potatoes.

That’s right, citizens of Spartanburg. There are people in this world even slower than you are. For as dumb as some of you have proven to be, at least I can say in your defence that wooden iPads and paper laptops probably do not A: feel like a bunch of lumpy spheres or B: rattle around like potatoes in a bag.

The victim was on Dark Lane at around 4pm when he was approached by a man who offered him the i-pad. A price of £200 was agreed and the men drove to a nearby cash machine on Commercial Street where the £200 was exchanged for a black laptop bag that the victim believed contained the i-pad.

It was not until after the victim left the area and opened the bag, that he discovered it contained some potatoes.

For all the good it’ll do, I’m still going to ask again. Why are we not opening these things before money changes hands? Simple I know, but so are the customers.

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