Happy Early Birthday

Sounds like Gill had a pretty good birthday.

By the way, here’s a fun fact for you. I have actually played in a band that included Al Connelly, the guitarist for Glass Tiger, and Atilla Turi, one of the drummers from The Kings.

A buddy of mine was friendly with the singer in a cover band that those two sometimes played in. They would often invite my friend up to sing a song or two with them when he would come to the shows. When I met them, they said I should sing too, so more than once I ended up jamming with a pretty solid CanCon lineup.

I don’t think there’s any video or audio of this, unfortunately. I didn’t record any, and this was before the days where everyone filmed everything. But at least I’ve got the memories and it makes for a fun story.

I’ll hand you over to Gill now.

Last night I had such fun!  My sister invited us first to her house for dinner, then she and I went to a rock concert.

What Was For Dinner?

Every good gathering that I have ever been to for as far back as I can remember has had some sort of appetizer, whether cheese puffs, crackers and other fixins, or vegetable trays.  My sister offered up some trail mix, different cheeses and crackers.  For dinner the menu was chicken, arugula salad, squash, potatoes, and carrots done in the air fryer.  With my birthday nine days from yesterday dessert was ice cream cake.

The Rock Concert

Around seven-thirty last night my sister and I headed about five minutes away to a local venue that hosts different events.  If you were born in the 70s and early 80s you would probably remember Glass Tiger.  They had that mid late 1980s sound that a lot of pop rock bands had.  They sang their classics, Thin Red Line, Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone, Healing Hands, etc, they also sang a couple of cover songs.

After The Show

My sister and I were still pumped from the concert when we got home, and while my sister did some touch ups around her place I watched a show called Super Store.

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