Pop Quiz! Who Said The Stupid Thing: Rob Ford Or Mayor Quimby

Last Updated on: 4th September 2019, 02:20 pm

Michelle sent me another great Rob Ford link. I hope you’ve got your thinking caps on for this one.

Since entering public service as a city councilor in 2000, Ford has been known for his odd and improper public behavior and comments, a habit that only got worse after he was elected mayor in 2010. Whether he’s accosting out-of-towners at a hockey game, offering to help procure OxyContin for a constituent, or railing against streetcars and anti-poverty activists, Ford has consistently tested the limits of “mayoral behavior.”

In fact, the public servant Ford most closely resembles is the fictional mayor from The Simpsons, Diamond Joe Quimby. Both men are heavyset. Both are often at odds with constituents, colleagues, and the press. And both are prone to saying outrageous things in public.
I’ve prepared a 20-question quiz of quotes from Ford and Quimby. Which mayor said which wildly inappropriate thing? Answers are at the bottom.

I got all but one right. I had a feeling I was falling for a trick at one point, but I have a rule about not changing my first answer unless I’m absolutely sure, so I went with it. See how you do. Who Said It: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford or Simpsons Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby?

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