It’s Brain Splatter Time

Well, I might be able to babble a while. That last post was kind of lame.

The other day, Honey by Bobby Goldsboro came on the radio. My memories of that song were that it was a kinda sappy song that made me all sad. But listening to it now, again I notice myself turning into quite the jaded individual. When I heard it again now, I thought gees what a needy woman! I think I’d go mad if I were him! Crying because he wasn’t home just at the right time? It sounded like she was more like his kid than his wife for Pete’s sake! He really enjoyed having someone so dependent and so…well…kinda dumb? What’s wrong with him? I wonder does he miss her, or now can he actually live his life? So is it me, or is it the song? Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Man the huppy’s growing up. He can talk in sentences, he can count to at least 5, knows his full name and you can almost have a whole conversation with him. He’s always trying to help me, and the other day he tried to tell me my boot had come untied. All he could manage was “Carin! Your brown boots!” But the way he said it I knew he was trying to tell me something. And he was just an itty bitty baby not too long ago. He hasn’t even turned 3 yet.

Back a while ago, I mentioned that wicked cold. Well, now it’s left a bit of a legacy. I still have a bit of a cough and can’t seem to get enough air. But my chest x-ray is clean. I’ll be going back to the doctor hopefully Monday so we can try and figure this out. I hope it’s an easy fix. Something similar happened to me years ago and all we had to do was change a medicine, so hopefully that’s the case this time. It’s not a comfortable feeling having to take huge deep breaths just to get a normal amount of oxygen. A couple of times, I’ve wondered if I should get my buns to the ER. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

Here’s a commercial I don’t get. It’s for the cheesy bites pizza from Pizza hut. I can’t find it, damn it, but you hear this woman say “I love what you’ve done to the place.” and then you hear the kid say “I told you this would be fun.” and then you hear the adults sound like they’re about to hurl going, “Yeah, real fun.” and then it ends with a guy telling us to make dinner time fun time with the cheesy bites pizza, with 28 fun cheesy-filled bites.


Even if I don’t pay attention to the weird dialog, what’s so fun about some cheese on a pizza? And cheesy-filled? Makes me think there’s no cheese in there at all. At any rate, I really don’t want to try one.

Now on to some Trixter talk. I have discovered she’s very picky about her water! Either that, or she just hates the water cooler at work. I would always fill up her bowl, and she would never drink out of it. Then she would come home, tank up like mad, and need extra pee breaks. I thought it probably wasn’t healthy for her to drink like that, and Steve thought maybe she didn’t like the water out of the cooler. So I started bringing water bottles filled up from the tap from home, and she definitely drinks more of that water than the water cooler stuff. Trix, you’re odd. But at least you’re not drinking all your water at night.

I’ve noticed the last little while that if we walk a long way, she will need extra chances to pee than she used to. She used to only maybe pee once, and maybe poop once if we went really long. Now, she pees at least twice mid walk, once at the beginning and once at the end. Is this just an older dog thing? She doesn’t seem to need extra relieving times when at rest, but there are definitely more pee breaks on walks.

This winter, or near lack of it, has had Trix all confused. By January, she was acting as if spring had sprung. Silly pooch. I’m sure she was very disappointed when more snow came.

Man, Trix was mad about the new bus locations. Well, it was more that she couldn’t go on autopilot after a long walk. She knows where the old bus to go home was. Unfortunately, that’s nowhere near where the bus pulls in now. So when I asked her to go to the new location, she pretty much threw a fit! She thought we weren’t going home, and she wasn’t having it! Ah Trix, you’ve forgotten. We get on the bus over *here* to go home now.

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve had more fears about Trixie retiring. It’s a scary thought that she’s almost 7, and the average dog’s working career lasts until they are 8 or so. So when I see things that are of concern, they really play into my fears. It’s probably unnecessary, but I’m a worry wart, it’s going to happen.

First there are the wee little things. Stuff like the amount of stretching she does when she gets up. She used to give it one good stretch. Now, she has to stretch one way, then another, then stretch again, and then she’s ready to go. That’s probably just her getting older, but I notice it. I also notice her doing the full body shake, like she’s shaking off water, more often. I’ve heard that can be a stress thing, and I worry that all this zooming to Kitchener and back is stressing her out, even though I don’t think so because I’ve done my best to keep her actual schedule close to what it was.

Then there are the bigger things. For a while it seemed like she didn’t like jumping into the truck with me. As we headed to the elevator, she would walk all slow. I also noticed that sometimes, when navigating my work space, she didn’t seem to know what to do. Going around the pole seemed like an impossible task. And once, recently, she got really confused at a complicated intersection and targeted the island in the middle of the road. This floored me because she knows not to hit that island and to go all the way across. I’m hoping that was just a freak occurrence. But other days she is just fine.

Then yesterday, after we had done a big walk downtown, when we set off to Dairy Queen, she fought me all the way. It could have just been that she didn’t like to walk in the falling snow and sensed it would get worse, but it scared me.

One day, she stepped on something that bothered her paw. But she didn’t lift the paw like she usually does. She dug all four paws in and wouldn’t move. I could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong. She wouldn’t even heel, and we were headed towards home! It was at this point that I felt panic set in. Was she telling me she was done? Out of desperation, I rubbed each paw, and once I fixed the one that was bothering her, she took off like normal, but I didn’t like the way that putting on the brakes made me feel.

Then other days she’s awesome. It scares the hell out of me to think that that awful day is looming far sooner than I expected. Hopefully not, but only time will tell. I was hoping Trix could work until she was at least 9 or so. Hopefully I get my wish.

And I think that’s all I can think of. I hate to end things on a downer like that, but I’m all out of ideas.

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