Now That, that Was A Birthday!

Man I’ve been a bad blogger. I don’t think I’ve written for almost a month! Um, eek? I’ll make no promises about how much I’ll have to say, but I can start with raving about how awesome my birthday was on Tuesday. I need more birthdays like that!

I got up and started getting ready for work. We had the oldies station on and were listening to the usual morning stuff. One thing this station does is announce people’s birthdays. I wondered what celebrities also had my birthday. So I’m just sort of listening to the local birthdays when I hear “…and Carin Headrick turns 33. Steve wanted the whole world to know.” I think I shrieked.

But I wasn’t done shrieking. Somebody always wins a coupon for a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. It’s not really a free cake like they make it sound, but it’s some money off. Anyway, I won the cake!

Now, when your birthday starts off like that, it’s already pretty cool. But I got to work, and discovered a balloon on my chair! Coool! A balloon and lots of birthday wishes. Not only was it my birthday, but it was the birthday of the coworker I work closest with! So, we all went out for birthday lunch! Like, awesome?

All day long, I got birthday wishes on Twitter, email and the phone. That feels pretty good. Then, because said coworker was having a sort of big ish birthday, we got unexpected birthday cake! Damn but that was awesome!

I came home, and found that Steve had got me a Steven Page album. We went out to try the Works Burger, a new gourmet burger place. Man, do they have a lot of choice of burgers…and the milkshakes? Omnomnom! The burger was so big that I had to take half of it home.

When the folks at The Works found out it was my birthday, they gave me a birthday card with coupons for free stuff! Shweet!

So yeah. Damn but it was a good birthday. I need more of those.

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  1. >There's still one more little present winging its way through the mail. It should be here soon I hope.

  2. >Hi Carin!
    I'm glad you had an awesom birthday!
    I'm so sorry, I couldn't wish you a happy birthday, my twitter client is kinda stupid at the moment(:
    So happy really belated birthday!!

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