Guy Attends Sporting Event

CTV returns with the hardest hitting piece of sports journalism since was that Kawhi Leonard? Who cares, let’s go with it.

I hope you’re sitting down for this one, everybody. Todd from around here has World Cup tickets!

The world’s game will bring sporting fanatics from around the world to Qatar to enjoy soccer’s greatest competition – and a fan from Waterloo will be among them.
On Thursday, Todd Brandt is making the trip to the Middle East to support his long-time love of Canada’s soccer team and watch the men’s squad compete in the tournament.
“I’ve been following it for this long, and I really want it,” said Brandt. “If I don’t do it now, when am I going to do it?”
Brandt has been an avid supporter of Canada’s soccer teams for more than 20 years, enduring many failed World Cup qualification campaigns. Once the team booked its ticket to Qatar – so did Brandt.
“You’re believing it, but you’re kind of still like, ‘is this real?'”
Brandt has tickets to all three of Canada’s group stage matches and hopes to see this team make history by scoring the country’s first goal at the tournament – and maybe even grabbing a win.

If you’re worried that things might get more insightful from there, allow me to assure you that they absolutely do not.

When asked about the very real moral and cultural differences between Canada and Qatar and how he plans to deal with them during his visit, Brandt offered up a profound and extremely well researched response.

“Whatever it is, I’ll just adapt, because us Canadians are very adaptable.”

Thanks, Todd. We all feel so much better knowing that you’ve got this figured out. Be sure to pass this wisdom on to the rest of the world while you’re there. It should really help the gays.

And if you’re reveling in the shared excitement of Todd finally attending his first World Cup, don’t bother. He’s gone before.

It won’t be Brandt’s first visit to a World Cup; he attended the soccer showcase in South Africa in 2010.
“There [were] a lot of Canadian people in South Africa, but this one is going to be concentrated,” said Brandt. “[It’s] very exciting.”

Now, my favourite part.

What is Todd most excited about?

“I think it’ll be super emotional, just how emotional will be interesting, and as we progress, if we do start to make results, what I want to know is what it’s going to be like back home.”

Then why not stay here, Todd? You could have saved yourself a lot of money.

And CTV could have saved itself a few bucks by not paying people to produce and air this. But it seems like that’s kind of their thing, so who am I?

Have a nice trip, Todd.

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