Just Dropping In For Some Smokes

Until you ponder it for half a second, drilling a hole in the floor of the apartment above a store you want to rob might seem like a good idea. You can drop down, take what you want and then hoist yourself up again. No alarm, no suspicious breaking in or hiding in the store until it closes. It’s perfect.

Well…not so much, at least not in the case of young Nicholas Pellon here. Hey. Pellon, that kind of rhymes with felon. Just sayin’.

What our 25-year-old thefting friend failed to consider was…just about everything, come to think of it.

For starters, who do you suppose lives in one of those apartments right above the store? Sure he busted into the place next door to his to drill his entry hole, but still.

Ahh yes, the entry hole. It worked great as an entry hole, but it proved to be a poor exit since Pellon was unable to climb up the same rope he used to drop down. I shouldn’t make too much fun since I was always shit at the rope climb too, but I was just bad at it in gym class. I never thought to plan a burglary that hinged on skills I didn’t have.

Unable to use his escape hatch, he frantically ran around trying doors for a while before eventually finding a way out through the basement with $150 worth of cigarettes. All of this, as you may have already guessed, was captured on the store’s security cameras, which he also mustn’t have thought about.

Pellon was easy to identify from the videos because not only does he live in the same building as the store, but he’s also a regular there and even has a tab with the owner. Not for much longer, I reckon.

He’s been charged with burglary, obviously.

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