The American Penny: Somehow Even More Useless Than The Canadian One

Now that Canada is finally canning this penny nonsense, could the States be far behind?

On the surface one guy at one hardware store in Florida saying no more of these damn things doesn’t sound like much, but every great movement must start with one lone voice in the wilderness, or something like that.

Andy Haase, owner of Shell Lumber, has banished the one-cent nuisance from his cash drawers. A sign at the front door reads: “No more pennies! For cash sales, we round in your favor.”

Haase told The Miami Herald he was tasked with accounting for nearly 1,200 pennies every day across 10 cash registers. Four weeks ago, he instructed cashiers to start lowering final sales amounts by as much as 4 cents, so customers could keep their cents to themselves.

Interesting stat: According to the article, each U.S. penny costs 2.4 pennies to produce, making them even more of a waste than our Canadian ones by nearly a full cent.

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