#Guelph, Help Find A Lost Dog

Last Updated on: 27th January 2022, 10:08 pm

Update: She has been found, and is safely back at home where she belongs. Other than smelling a bit of skunk and having some burrs in her fur, she’s fine. A couple found her near where they were searching, brought her in and then found the lost dog posting he put on Kijiji. She was happy as hell to get home to familiar territory.

Hey everybody.

Our good friend the Shoe Thief has a problem and needs your help.

A few days ago, one of his family’s dogs got away after being scared by some fireworks. They’ve been spending every bit of free time they have looking for her, but so far they’ve had no luck. So since the internet is good at this kind of thing, he sent me the following in the hopes that somebody here in Guelph or the surrounding area might be able to help out.

Photo of lost dog
8 year-old pure bred female Siberian Husky, black and white with one blue eye and one brown eye.  Answers to Aaliyah or “Lee Lee”.  Last seen Saturday afternoon on York Road and Watson Road area.  Very timid and spooks easily.  She is wearing a black leather collar with red gemstones.  Reward offered for safe return.

If you’ve seen anything or happen to have found a dog fitting this description, please call Marty at 519-831-4334.

Thanks in advance for spreading the word. It’s very much appreciated.

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    1. I had forgotten that too. I don’t know loads about dogs, but I do know those are runners. That was my thought when he sent it too. Oh crap, she could be anywhere.

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