Mike MacDonald Could Really Use Your Help

Last Updated on: 20th June 2012, 06:40 pm

I just got this sad news from Glen Foster’s email list. Please help out by going to a show if you can.

Hello Comedy fans, 

If you have not heard, Canadian comedy legend Mike MacDonald has serious health issues and is in need of a liver transplant.  

As a result, Comedy clubs all over Canada, and even a few in the US are holding a fundraiser tomorrow night (Thursday June 21st) called “Laugh and Live’r”  

The line-up will vary depending on where you are located, but I can tell you that these shows are absolutely stacked with some of the best comedy talent anywhere, including in some cases, some fairly famous names. (  I can also tell you that I won’t be on because I have a previously booked private engagement.) 

Regardless, if you are looking for a great night of comedy and want to support one of the funniest people from Canada EVER! please go to
www.yukyuks.com or check out a comedy club in your area to see if they are participating.

Here’s a video from one of his friends explaining the seriousness of his situation. I’d embed that, but YouTube is being an asshole for some reason.

Here’s an interview with Mike about his life, his career and where he is now.

And here’s a few minutes of Mike doing his thing in better times. Oh hey, it’s going to let me embed this one.

I hope he gets his miracle. I expect to be laughing at him for years to come, and not putting him in the so long section any time soon.

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