Who Needs A Security System When You’ve Got A Perfectly Good Fence

This is the kind of thing that keeps a guy like me on the straight and narrow, far away from a life of crime.

Police in Sweden released a picture of a heavyset attempted burglar who wound up wedged in a fence as he tried to make his getaway.

Stockholm police said a homeowner called the emergency number early Tuesday to report a man who had attempted to break into his house was stuck in a fence outside of his home, The Local.se reported Wednesday.

That first sentence might be a tiny bit misleading. It’s not just a picture of the guy who *got* stuck in a fence, it’s a picture of the guy *while* stuck in the fence. The police were sure to snap it before they freed him. Evidence? Sure. But also a little free entertainment for the people who follow them on Twitter, and as these things often end up, far, far beyond.

The *coughcough* evidence photo *coughcough*.
Smile! Ok, say jail!

Hopefully this humiliation will show the man the error of his ways, or at least compel him to hit the gym before his next adventure.

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