Via Rail Unmanned Stations Update

Last Updated on: 9th January 2022, 10:32 am

Steve’s Via Rail post from the other day got me thinking, and worried, and when that happens, I do what I always do…pick up the phone and bug the powers that be. Here’s how it went.

The first lady I got was about half past useless. She told me she didn’t know for sure if Guelph’s station was to become unmanned, but she thought it was. When I told her our concerns, her first response was to tell me that I should just bring someone to the station with me and they can assist me. When I told her I didn’t always have that luxury, her response became “there’s nothing I can do about that there’s nothing I can do.” Bzzz, wrong answer. You can at least direct me where I can send feedback. After trying and failing to get rid of me, she forwarded me on to customer relations.

The guy I got was much nicer, and far more understanding of the situation. He himself couldn’t do anything, but he gave me an email address to send my concerns.

I think anyone else who cares about this trend should also send feedback. Who knows? Nothing may happen, but nothing will happen if we say nothing.

So, if this concerns you too, send an email to customer_relations(at)viarail(dot)ca. I played with the @s and .s so hopefully spammers will have a harder time.

Blech. I don’t relish having to figure out how to get a cabby to help me find the platform. Sometimes they’re in a real hurry, and if I can’t help them out exactly, they leave, and I’m the one unable to catch a train. It’s no skin off their nose, and there I am with a ticket I can’t use.

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