I’ve Seen It All, Now

While I was off having not the greatest of holiday Monday’s for reasons Carin has already mentioned, this was busy landing in my inbox. Thanks, Brother Brad!

The other day I was watching the Hamilton news, and they, for some reason, did a story on a woman from Arkensaw who started a very unusual business. Unusual is not the first word that came to mind when I saw this. It just goes to show how completely and utterly retarded the human race is becoming. Not like we didn’t already know this.

Anyway, this woman is making chicken diapers. Why in the holy hell would someone do this, you ask? Well, it seems that chickens are becoming increasingly popular as pets. Who knew, right? I guess in Arkensaw, most anything goes.

Anyway, the diapers in question are made of cloth, and have straps that go over the shoulders of the chicken, at the top of the wings, and have a strap-type band running between the legs.

If you want to order some  of these little displays of injenuity, you can go to ChickenDiapers.com, where they boast a variety of colours and sizes for very reasonable prices. 

I don’t know if it’s just me, but in my mind chickens are farm animals. Sure I know people have birds in the house, a budgie, lovebird, even a cockatoo or something, but a chicken?

The website says that a bunch of friends of Diaperwoman were sick of cleaning the chicken shit out of their carpets, but did not want to toss their beloved little darlings out in to the cruel world, so something had to be done.

To each their own, I guess.

For now, I’ll keep my chickens either in the barn, or on a plate with mashed potatoes and gravy.

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    1. We have a friend who lives a couple of streets over from us who keeps chickens in the yard. Does it for the eggs. and there’s not a diaper in sight.

    1. Really is something. I checked it out a little too when I was looking up where this woman is from, and it looked legit enough to me. Totally does sound like it could just be somebody messing with the media though. Who thinks of this stuff?

  1. There are so many, it’s probably legit. I suppose it’s no odder than a dyed pink poodle wearing a mink jacket with matching bow.

  2. We have chickens as neighbors too. Used to have one rooster who unfailingly woke us at daybreak. I wonder if someone finally turned him into drumsticks.

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