Say Goodbye To The Score

I’m convinced that Rogers won’t be happy until it owns the entire world.

After crawling in bed yet again with Bell who is supposed to be the enemy to buy MLSE and basically own sports in Canada, they’re now trying to own all of the sports broadcasters.

Yes, pending regulatory approval which it will get in a snap since the CRTC rarely meets a monopoly it doesn’t fall in love with and want to have children with anymore, Rogers now owns The Score. It doesn’t own the website for now, so at least there’s still a bit of an independent outlet to enjoy for the moment.

I wish I could explain to you just how much I hate this, but words are failing me. I hate it because I know a lot of talented people are about to be out of work. That’s what always happens when deals like this go down. I hate it because we don’t need another Sportsnet. Christ, Rogers can’t find enough content to fill the ones they already have without showing the same fucking episode of Connected 137 times a day. but most of all I hate it just because I hate it. Big media consolidation sucks for everybody. Well, everybody but the ones doing the consolidating. they get to make all the rules and money while the rest of us lose out. Less choice in our media is never a good thing. When we don’t have a variety of voices and options, we don’t have a variety of stories. All of our information and entertainment should never be coming from the same giant corporation.

Does Rogers really need a baseball team, its stadium, a hockey team, a soccer team, a basketball team, a sports radio station, it’s own sports network, access to TSN when it’s convenient and now the Score? Where does it stop, CRTC? It’s long past absurd at this point.

Rogers Media Inc. today announced it is acquiring all of the outstanding shares of Score Media Inc., and will wholly own theScore Television Network and related television assets.

The acquisition of Score Media does not include its digital media business, including website and mobile applications. Immediately prior to the acquisition, Score Media’s digital assets will be spun out to its existing shareholders, with Rogers Media retaining a 10 per cent equity interest in the digital media business. Rogers Media will also have access to Score Media’s digital technology to immediately enhance its mobile offerings.

The acquisition builds on Rogers’ rich history in sports and reinforces its commitment to delivering premium sports content to its audiences on their platform of choice. Upon receipt of final regulatory approvals, the television network will be rebranded under the Sportsnet umbrella.

“We continue to pursue opportunities to engage, expand and enhance the experience for sports fans. Rogers Media is on a growth trajectory and this builds on our momentum of delivering world-class sports content anywhere, anytime, on any platform,” said Keith Pelley, President, Rogers Media. “theScore is a tremendous sports service that offers a distinct flavour of premium, niche programming that fits squarely within our strategy of delivering highly sought-after content to Canadians.”

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  1. Interesting that as I read this at 9:10pm ET, the Score is currently off the air on my Rogers box and has been for at least 20 minutes. Obviously unrelated, but still amusing. Sportsnet, by the way, functioning fine.

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