I’m Sad That Grandma Called Me Chicken. I Should Go Play Salad With A Train Or Something

It’s been a while since we’ve had a food feud type story, and I’ll be honest, this one has me more than a little confused. I’m going to go on ahead and hope this guy is just slow, and not this much of an idiot/anger management reject.

A South Carolina woman returned home from the grocery store Saturday afternoon and told her grandson that she had purchased some chicken salad.

However, Jesse Beam, 26, misheard his 67-year-old kin.

“Don’t call me chicken, again!” said Beam, according to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report.

Beam’s grandmother told deputies that she “attempted to explain to Jesse she was not calling him chicken,” but her grandson threw a bowl of food at her and shoved her to the ground as she sought to flee her Bethesda Drive residence.

Grandma ended up with various cuts and scratches as a result of the attack, and it’s believed she may have also suffered a broken nose. Jesse, meanwhile, was arrested and charged with assault and battery. At last report he was being held in lieu of $2,000 bond.

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