Happy Birthday To…Me!

Yes, it really is that time again. I have no idea where the hell this year went but I’ll be honest, I’m glad it’s going. For a lot of people (myself included), 2012 has bitten it pretty hard. I didn’t almost die like in 2011, but that doesn’t mean people close to me didn’t or that what happened to those people didn’t have a pretty big, not so fantastic impact on me.

It kind of sounds like I’m writing the Happy New Year post early, and I guess in a way I am. Birthdays are the start of another year, and since I’d rather this year end than keep going, happy New Year it is! Here’s hoping for better in 2013! May the illnesses, sadness, near death and sudden death kindly tone it down a tad.

And perhaps I’m writing the New Year post now to make sure one of us gets it in. This Christmas, thanks to a few factors, is shaping up to be the most disorganized one since…well, I think since ever. Take people who can’t make a solid plan when conditions are perfect, toss in a heapin’ helpin’ of unavoidable shit that must be worked around and you get…this weekend and next week. Ug. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it. I’m sure things will work out in the end, I just hope I have the energy to get to that point.

The holidays are already in full…no, make that about 3 quarter swing. Once Carin says goodbye to the office for the Christmas break they’ll be in full swing, but for now, all we’ve done is go to three Christmas get togethers. Yes, only three. Last week with some friends in Guelph for a wee gift exchange, Saturday to Carin’s work Christmas party which is always a pretty nice affair even if they make me dress up for it, and Sunday with my family, also a nice time. Didn’t even have to dress up for that one, so bonus points, family! And thanks to the family, anything ruined by Larry and Curly that still needed replacing has been replaced, which should hopefully put this ridiculous moving saga to bed…aside from a bit more asshattery from the dicks at Metro Movers, which should really surprise nobody. Now they’re claiming to the review site that Carin rated them on that they didn’t actually move us. I’m a little disappointed in Homestars.com. I’m glad they’re checking into things and trying to resolve disputes, but it sucks that our review comes down completely and they leave Carin twisting in the wind while all the obviously faked reviews get to stay up, albeit with flags on them. I’m sure they’re doing their best, it’s just frustrating that after all we went through with these Metro clowns they’re still not finished. I hope 2013 is shittier for them than 2012 was for everyone else. Fucking arseclusters.

In happier news, I think we like Kitchener. It’s frustrating not knowing where you are in the cold when nobody’s around, but we knew it would be and all things considered, we’re doing ok. Every day is a learning experience, but each experience helps shape the ones to come. It’s pretty humbling going from a place you know like the back of a familiar hand to groping a complete stranger, but we’ll be ok. We’re always ok, even when we have to take the roundabout way to get there.

It’s amazing how much little things help make a place feel like home. I think Carin mentioned this, but hey, some of you may have missed it and I’m trying to fill space over here, so skip down a few lines if you need to. But seriously, just having a TV that works, having a radio in the kitchen, being able to make even the smallest of successful trips out for supplies, all of these things are very helpful when it comes to getting the confidence up and your feet under you…even if the next trip out you plough headlong into a giant sign. But it didn’t hurt and it made a sweet noise, so I’ll call it a win. I got a laugh out of it and it was my head, so that’s all that matters.

Speaking of the radio in the kitchen, I love the thing. Let’s start there. I’ve always liked boomboxes. No idea why, I just have. You can take them anywhere, they sound decent enough and for some reason they tend to be easier to tune things clearer on than the radios on fancier systems. But though I’m very happy to have the new one we got for Christmas, one thing strikes me as odd. Hard wiring the electrical cord into the back of the unit where the battery cover comes off…who’s idea was that? The most obvious problem is that if you ever have a cord issue, you’re on the hook for a new box because you can’t just go find a plug that’ll work in it. But it’s also a huge design flaw, in my opinion. Since the cord comes out of the battery area, when it’s extended and plugged in you can’t get the cover back on properly. This opens you up to spring damage, dirt in the battery bay and anything else that might go wrong. Maybe I’m missing something and there’s a way to do it. That’s what I’m hoping, anyway. but for now I’m just enjoying the sound of music in here again. If I figure it out I figure it out, and if I don’t that’s ok too. Note: Don’t remind me I said that if something goes wrong.

And since I know some of you are probably curious, I think I’m almost at the point of being able to laugh at the old man in this post. I’m still not perfect with that phone, but I can kinda even touch type without using Fleksy now, which is amazing. I only bust out that skill when it’s needed, but the point is that I can do it, and I didn’t think I’d ever get there. There’s not much I use the Bluetooth keyboard for anymore, but I’m still glad to have it. Especially glad when I make a mistake I don’t notice until I’m done writing and ready to send something. I still dont have the hang of how to properly delete things in the middle of a word or sentence. Even with the keyboard I can still louse it up, so just imagine what it looks like when I try to screen it.

And Fleksy…I can’t say enough good things about it. A total life saver and pretty much a must have if you’re doing the iPhone while blind thing. Check it out, buy it, love it to absolute death! Of all the apps I’ve downloaded, it’s my favourite by miles and miles and miles. Tweetlist Pro is pretty good too, but I need Fleksy to make the most of it, so Fleksy wins. And related to nothing but apps, you should buy the Bob Rivers app. Unless you hate fun, it’ll pay for itself in a matter of minutes.

Ok, I should seriously stop rambling and get myself some damn food. I’ve been trying to write this post since before seven, but things keep distracting me. thank you all for that, by the way. From twenty to eight until after ten this morning I was on the phone basically nonstop. There have also been texts, tweets, emails…and I think I just saw a pigeon fly over. It’s nice to know people care, or at least that I’m worth using a tiny bit of the energy they have for pretending to.

I’ll talk to you all later, and I’ll see you this evening, Wildcraft Restaurant!

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