I’d Like To Report Some Stolen Stolen Goods…

Oh wow. I read about this, and my brain melted. Then I showed Steve and his brain melted. So it needs a spot up here.

This was not Mauricio Fierro’s best day at all. He decided to rob a pharmacy. But when he came back out with his stolen cash, he discovered someone had stolen his getaway vehicle. Then, while he looked around in bewilderment, someone else ran by and stole his stolen cash! When he went to report being robbed, who did he smack into but the pharmacist he had just robbed. And now we find out that the car he was using for his getaway, which was now stolen from him, he had stolen the day before!

Yup, couldn’t make this up if I tried. If you don’t believe me, read the original masterpiece.

This guy has balls. After all of this, he went on TV complaining of the level of crime in this city, saying choice lines like “We can’t even live a dishonest life anymore.”

Hopefully when he gets to jail, another inmate won’t steal his sandwich.

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