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Last Updated on: 4th September 2019, 09:05 am

200 pens, 489 days: Cambridge man transcribes the entire Bible by hand
Not sure if I’m mellowing in my old age or what, but as much as I want to bury this goober deep beneath the earth for wasting so much time on such a pointless thing, I just can’t do it. At the end of the day, no matter how weird it is, he did set himself a goal and then see it through to the end. That’s more than a lot of us can say, and he should be proud of himself for that. But all of that said, why not keep a daily diary or tell your life story or put to paper literally anything else that isn’t already written out and widely available?

A Cambridge man spent 489 days transcribing the Bible by hand.
That’s well ahead of schedule: Hadley Burns says he began this project with the goal of finishing it in five years.
He had the idea years ago when he asked his wife to write out the Bible because of her beautiful handwriting. He thought it would make a nice collectable item.

When she declined, it became his own passion project.

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