Sing For Your Samsung, Be A Motormouth For Your Motorola!

I have more posts, but I felt like I needed to put this one up because it was just too weird. I’d been having trouble sleeping, and that sort of thing just can’t go on for long without all kinds of nasty things happening to me. So I tried a bit of melatonin to see if it would knock me out, and it did. But it also gave me completely wacked out dreams, and this was one of them.

I dreamed it was years and years in the future. We had all become very very attached to our phones, to the point that we felt like our phones were a part of us. There was also something cynister going on, involving the government snatching people up and putting them in prison camps, I have no idea why.

I unfortunately wound up in one of these. Life was dismal and miserable. But there was hope. Our captors said if we did things to help them, we would get bonus points which would earn us privileges.

One of the things you could do was “assist the guards in interrogating someone.” And how did they interrogate people? By torturing…that person’s phone! Yes, the phone meant so much to them that doing bad things to the phone might make the person talk.

So, there I was, having to decide. Do I help out the guard and earn myself points, but hurt my fellow inmate’s phone, or do I stand up for the inmate and possibly make things bad for me?

And it was at this point that I made a noise that Steve said sounded like Newton from that cheesy old cartoon “The Mighty Hercules.” If you haven’t seen that, I guess you could say I sounded like the Tiptoe through the Tulips guy.

What the hell was that? My brain makes up very odd stories.

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  1. I used Melatonin for about 3 months with no problems and then I started with the weird dreams. There is a warning on the package but I hoped I’d be the exception.

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