Florida: Where Even The Sex Stings Are More Stupid Than Most

I don’t think I’m breaking any news when I say that people are not very smart. check out some of the folks arrested during an under cover sex sting operation in Florida.

I’m not sure who my favourite is. It’s either this guy:

Jeremiah Hintz, 32, of Sebring, had been attending South Florida Community College and was due to graduate this Wednesday from the Basic Law Enforcement Academy – he just got an up-close-and-person lesson in the incarceration process.

Or this guy:

Ian Edward Snyder, 27, Tampa, requested to videotape the intercourse and broadcast it on webcam and even offered to give the undercover detective a portion of the proceeds from the webcam videos. Snyder, who is a chef at the Hilton Hotel in St Petersburg walked by two other suspects being arrested outside the hotel by our detectives. When he came to the room he opened the blinds and watched the activities of the arresting detectives.

Ok, it’s that guy.

There’s even a potential parent of the year in here.

Brittany Michelle Dodd, a 25-year-old Lakeland mom, who allegedly left her three young children without supervision.

You can see a complete list including photos here (PDF).

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  1. i read up the chef guy and his actually got dropped.. the cops entrapped him saying it was a drug bust..not prostitution.. stupid cops in polk!!!

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